conversation experiment 1

On the picture above you see graphs of alpha wave levels (relaxation) and beta wave levels (focus) from all electrodes on the headset. You see left and right for alpha and then left and right for beta on each row. See my previous post on brain functions to understand the positions on the scalp from which these recordings were taken. Basically the order from top to bottom reflects the orientation from front of head to back of head. This experiment consisted of making a phone call and have a conversation while registering my brain waves.

On the plotting of data from the left prefrontal electrode you clearly see a decrease in alpha wave values corresponding with a block of sustained peak values in beta (blue circles). This is quite an extreme example in the recording of cognitive concentration to perform the task of conversing, formulating questions and answering to the other party’s questions. The alpha waves show a majority of values under 10%, whereas the peak values in beta show values over 30% (percentages are measured differently for beta than for alpha but in my plotting all percentages are scaled respectively to a range between 1 and 10). Alpha values for the right prefrontal area are inconclusive with values centering around an average. The beta values for the same area however (top right window), are very significant in a totally different way from peaking at maximum. In this window you see how a repetitive pattern of sustained identical values is established. This pattern also shows when the test subject is writing or reading e-mail. This type of block iteration can be monitored on several windows and can be considered significant for the occurrence of an event, which in this case means the act of getting information – while talking on the phone to my wife – about how my daughter is doing in daycare.

Another striking data profile is found on the occipital electrodes at the back of the head where the visual cortex resides (green circles). Again alpha is decimated, especially on the right channel, and simultaneously the beta window shows sustained peaks (and a lot of separate peaks on the left side). The orange circle shows you there’s a difference between left and right vision, since peaks start with a different timing. At present I don’t have enough test results to make conclusions as to why beta values for visual processing are elevated here.

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