About Christoph De Boeck

Christoph De Boeck approaches sound as a visual and tactile medium. In his installations sound turns out to be a tangible presence. The spatial organisation of sound sources, the choice of materials in media and the method for sound transmission all are part of De Boeck’s permanent research into how sound relates to an environment and to human presence. The dynamic spatialisation of sound confronts the visitor with the idea of acoustic energy as an artistic object and even as a visual principle.

De Boeck transforms spaces by means of acoustic energy. He built several works with volumes of steel and transducers to explore the resonance of steel in relation with the presence of the visitor.  These works create a space not only with visual interventions but mainly through sound waves and their inherent kinetic energy, as well as the resonant overtones resulting from the application of sound on steel surfaces.

Recently he turned to the transformation of a public atmosphere through the exclusive use of sound with the creation of HORTUS, a work for a (semi-)public garden. In this collaborative work with Patricia Portela he re-distributes the diversity of bird sound in a park or garden. The environment responds to natural conditions like wind and sunlight and is then further complicated by the visitor frequency and a financial-statistical algorithm.

Together with Aernoudt Jacobs Christoph De Boeck runs Overtoon, a platform for sound art based in Brussels, which hosts residencies for sound artists and carries out research in issues related to sound.




Christoph De Boeck is represented by Gallery Fortlaan, Ghent, Belgium www.fortlaan17.com