concert version

The concert edition took place on April 24, 2010 in the frame of Happy New Festival, a festival dedicated to adventurous music and sound art.

The concert is in fact a live event in which the artist takes up a centre position to launch patterns of sound over the steel ceiling, while spectators feel free to stand below and listen or to move and hear balances and phases shift as they walk. The installation can be controlled as a percussive apparatus but it’s not as flexible as a musical instrument. All steel tiles have the same dimensions and therefore approach the same tonal color. However, two major factors influence the sound of each plate: first, there are degrees in deviation of the solenoid pin’s orientation towards the steel, and second, the welding of attachment points has caused each plate to bend uniquely. Slight variations in tonal color compose the total sound picture of the rhythms on 80 steel tiles.

Programmable musical parameters per plate are: the frequency of impact, the amplitude, and the amount of resonance. Parts of the set are improvised and others are arranged. For the live event the artist takes control over the installation by means of a multi-touch screen. A visual representation allows one to ‘draw’ patterns over the steel matrix so that sounds can be heard racing from point A to point B over the audience’s heads.

In contrast with the interactive installation version brainwaves do not control speed and dynamics of sound patterns constantly. Instead, the headset is worn by the sound artist. At certain moments during the live set his state of mind will intervene in the improvisation and control the amount of resonance or the overall tempo of that sequence.