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Staalhemel in Bozar documented

Video documentation by Rui Ribeiro on the presentation of Staalhemel in the central Horta hall of Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels.
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visualisation: alpha and absence of alpha waves

This is what the plotting of data for alpha waves looked like in version 1 of the Staalhemel software.
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conversation experiment 1

An eight channel EEG recording of brains while having a conversation on the phone. One of a few experiments to determine which patterns are significant in the EEG.
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brain functions

What are the brain functions executed by the different areas that we cover with the Staalhemel headset?
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audio recordings

Audio recordings of Staalhemel as a percussive machine are now available on Soundcloud. Some tracks were part of the concert version of Staalhemel which took place on April 24th in Happy New Festival.
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Staalhemel audio

Below you find the first sample that was made available of Staalhemel as a percussive machine. The concert version took place on 24 April 2010 in Happy New Festival, Kortrijk, Belgium. Impact – binaural mic by audiostore
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musical interface

Screenshot of the musical interface that is in development to compose and operate a concert with the Staalhemel installation.
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New Media Prize nomination

Staalhemel' has been shortlisted for the New Media Prize awarded by the Liedts-Meesen Foundation.
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Video images

This 3 minute video shows the installation in interaction with some visitors.
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dorkbot presentation

Videorecording of a presentation on the creation process of 'Staalhemel' by Christoph De Boeck at dorkbotBRU in iMal
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